What you might not know about I-tip hair extensions

When Addressing the I tip hair extensions, it’s necessary that you grasp these factors about any of it :

They are convenient

Together with The I-tips, they’re a wonderful choice since they tend to offer entry to this entire scalp easily. All of your normal hair will probably soon be out, unlike using the spoonful that are typically sawn in, with the pure hair being bogged down in the extension. This means that, there’ll not be as much time you may i tip hair extensions in the styling seat. Even the sewn-in can be a process which can simply take you most, six hours. While for your I-tip setup, it will be finished in about one and a half hour.

Without The braids barrier, your actual hair will probably be free to breath and move readily. It is exactly what additionally permits more mobility since the expansion can be pulled in a pure appearance, there’s not any fuss top-knot or pony tail. They are understood too to become heat and colour secure and ergo, you can be in a position to create them the way in which you’d when it regards your hair. They can be blowdried, washed, straightened and curled.


In case You give it proper care and upkeep, the setup might endure for about eight weeks, while the hair itself might endure for more than annually. It denotes that, one particular obtain of the baldness may be utilized in 2 installments. With time, the keratins which the I-tips are secured will end up breaking as every single wash them.